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Hello fellow people! I am here to announce a project I will be working on, Called Krystal Goes Wild.
Yes you don't need to go look for your reading glasses, I said Krystal. From the helpful rigging of and animating tactics of GreyFireFox yes you were a big help as of late! Good luck to you where ever you go!
For now the rigging is done and currently we are working on a exporter in order to properly rig more useful and effective features. Krystal gone wild is a 3d game being made entirely using CryEngine 3. Also the game is more of a different approach to the series; instead of going from star fox assault to star fox command this game takes off as more of a second path, where as star fox assault leads to this gameplay instead. So if you haven't checked out both star fox adventures and star fox assault it is recommended to do so in order to better understand the story. The story takes place about two years after Star fox Assault. Upon which A tragedy has happened; Fox has gone missing and general pepper is nowhere to be found. Without a second thought Krystal is elected leader but she declines taking orders from the substitute general. Upon which she takes care of things her way; on her own but keeping in touch still with her team. Krystal slowly begins to develop feelings for her missing Fox as the story goes on.

If you have any suggestions ask right away by all means!
In the mean time here are some development pics rendered out. (Sorry about the watermark I'm still using the free version of furryball).
Kystal Front.png
Kystal Side.png

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